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Fitted Offices: Commercial premises furnished and ready for business use.

What Are Fitted Offices?

Who Uses Fitted Offices? 

Why Use Fitted Offices?







Prestigious Address & Location

Verve Offices are located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD). Our GB Building premises is 2 minutes walk from Tanjong Pager MRT Station and is within 5 minutes walk from all major local & international banks, multinational corporations, governmental & regulatory authorities. Post offices, stationery shops, clinics, restaurants, food courts, bars and even shopping areas are conveniently located in this area.


Rapid Start-Up

Verve’s fitted offices offer quick start-up through the provision of renovated premises with guest waiting areas, stocked pantries and equipped work areas. Verve’s offices come pre-renovated with all power, phone & internet CAT5e cabling and points pre-installed and tested. Work tables, chairs and pedestals are inclusive so all you need to do is bring in your laptop and start work. If you need separate fixed line phones or internet access, simply sign up for your desired service directly with your preferred suppliers, or save the hassle and operate with your mobile phone and wireless broadband connection – your choice. Fitted office spaces also include CCTV & access-control security and cleaning as well as general management and maintenance of the premises and facilities.


Simple 12-Month Agreements

Fitted offices are contracted out on simple licence agreements – saving you the hassle of dealing with complex and intricate lease documents which often require legal assistance and lawyer fees. What’s more, fitted office licences do not attract stamp duties, giving you substantial savings. Verve’s fitted offices are licenced on fixed 12-month terms so rents remain unchanged for ease of budgeting, and provides stability for your business.


Infrequently used space, such as the pantry, work areas and meeting rooms, are communally shared so that meeting room you need for an average of 5 hours per week is not costing you rent, rates, service charges, heating etc for all of the rest of the time when it is empty. You only pay for the space you actually use for your business.

Monthly Payment Terms Inclusive of Most Fees

Conventional tenants are normally required to pay rent quarterly in advance whereas fitted offices invoice clients on a monthly basis, freeing up cash flow. In addition, many services are already included in your package, including general premises insurance, water, electricity, lighting, property taxes, etc.


Networking Opportunities

Fitted offices give you the chance to network and cross sell with a variety of other businesses residing within the same building. Your next partner could be sitting in the office beside you.





Using fitted offices however does have minor disadvantages. For example:


-     There is no reception or receptionist present on-site to handle your calls or greet your guests (though you can subscribe for such virtual office services if needed from our partner firm nearby).

-     You may not be able to extend your personal brand and corporate style to your office space as Fitted Offices adopt a standardized look& feel.

-     There may be less visibility for your business as you may only get a directory listing on the floor of the Fitted Office (and not a listing on the building’s main lobby directory).

-     Shared facilities may not be available when you need them.


With fitted offices, you only pay for the space you use. Unlike conventional leases with their inherent hidden taxes and costs, all fixed costs of your fitted office are covered in a monthly payment.


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